Valentine’s Day Song I wrote in 1997

Years ago, I did a very romantic thing for Valentine’s Day.  I was living in England and wanted to woo a girl back in California. So, I wrote a song for her, burned it to a CD (which was a big deal back in the mid-90’s) and had it delivered to her with a dozen roses and a bottle of champaign.

To get this stuff to her on the 14th required a monumental effort since the song wasn’t completed until February 12th. It included the CD being hand-carried on a commercial flight to San Francisco, picked up by a limo service and hand delivered to her at work on the 14th.

I was rather new to the guitar so the musicianship isn’t pro but the sentiment is real 🙂

Anyway, I thought I’d share this song with you and maybe it will become special to you too.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

(play the song below)

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