ILEA NCC Event Industry – Cannabis Education at SPUR in Oakland

As an active contributor to the local bay area events industry, I often photograph industry events such as this one for the International Live Events Association (ILEA) of Northern California. This event was an education meeting addressing Cannabis in public events.

With the passage of Prop 64 in 2016, the state of California celebrated that they would finally have access to recreational cannabis. Fast forward to January 2018 when California residents could leisurely stroll into their local licensed dispensary and purchase cannabis legally for the first time.

Although personal use of cannabis is now legal, both the cannabis industry and its clientele have had to deal with some growing pains since becoming a legal substance, especially when it comes to the question of cannabis at events.

While the public is clamoring for a range of cannabis event experiences, new rules and regulations have curtailed events and limited them to a very particular type + format. Though there is great change on the horizon, the current state of the law for cannabis regulation in California is proving tricky for those looking to host events with a cannabis element.

Panel Members:

Kate Manson, CAPSULE
Elise McRoberts, Cannabis Thought Leader
Lisa Rogovin, Edible Excursions + Curious Cannabis Salon
Joanna Hossack, Clark Neubert LLP – General Counsel Commercial Cannabis Industry (Medical & Adult-Use)

Event Sponsors:

1544 Events in Oakland
Svetlana Catering & Events
Standard Party Rentals
Impact Lighting – Audio – Video
Blueprint Studios
Jim Vetter Photography

Bently Reserve – Vernal Equinox Event Photos

I photographed the annual Vernal Equinox party again this year. It is put on by Entire Productions and is sponsored by a large number of local bay area events professionals. See full vendor list at the end of this post.

The army of professionals who made this event possible: