Burning Man Wedding Photos – Kim and Aaron

Burning Man weddings are a sensory explosion of color and expression. I have had the honor of photographing several and I gotta say I LOVE them! I had photographed Kim and Aaron’s official wedding in Mendocino just a couple of weeks prior to Burning Man 2018. They have a special ceremony on the playa and asked me to stop by…


Burning Man 2014 Wedding Photos of Liz & Bill

This was such a treat! At 10pm the night before Liz & Bill took their vows, a mutual friend told me that there would be a wedding at dawn near the Esplanade at Burning Man. I had all of my gear with me so I immediately offered to photograph the wedding as my gift to the couple. The gift was received with grace and at dawn the beautiful ceremony and party began. Below are a few of the highlights. Thank you, Liz & Bill!!


Liz & Bill Burning Man Wedding 1 Liz & Bill Burning Man Wedding 2 Liz & Bill Burning Man Wedding 3 Liz & Bill Burning Man Wedding 4