Burning Man Wedding – Dutchess and Lushbunny

These images are from the amazing wedding of my dear friends, Dutchess and Ryan. They are among my favorite people on earth and I love them to bits! They had their wedding at Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada in August 2018.

With the help of many friends, we created an incredible cosmic experience for their union in the desert. What an honor to be part of this wedding!

Burning Man Wedding Photos – Kim and Aaron

Burning Man weddings are a sensory explosion of color and expression. I have had the honor of photographing several and I gotta say I LOVE them! I had photographed Kim and Aaron’s official wedding in Mendocino just a couple of weeks prior to Burning Man 2018. They have a special ceremony on the playa and asked me to stop by…


Burning Man 2014 Wedding Photos of Liz & Bill

This was such a treat! At 10pm the night before Liz & Bill took their vows, a mutual friend told me that there would be a wedding at dawn near the Esplanade at Burning Man. I had all of my gear with me so I immediately offered to photograph the wedding as my gift to the couple. The gift was received with grace and at dawn the beautiful ceremony and party began. Below are a few of the highlights. Thank you, Liz & Bill!!


Liz & Bill Burning Man Wedding 1 Liz & Bill Burning Man Wedding 2 Liz & Bill Burning Man Wedding 3 Liz & Bill Burning Man Wedding 4