In Love on Baker Beach: Barbara & Rod

One of my favorite things about being a Bay Area photographer is the incredible variety of locations at which to shoot.  Baker Beach is one of my favorites.  It is seldom crowded, it has views of the Golden Gate Bridge and is very accessible.  I had the pleasure to shoot there again recently and the even greater pleasure of getting to know Barbara and Rod.

Barbara was one of my earliest Facebook fans.  She would often comment on my posts and was always very sweet to me (thank you, Barbara!).  A couple of months ago, she reached out to me asking about a portrait session.  I love to shoot for my fans when I can so I was delighted to have them as a client.

They drove more than two hours to get to the city and were so excited for their weekend away.  The weather that day was as good as it gets at the beach in San Francisco.  The sun was warm and painted the world in the most beautiful golden light.

I was fortunate enough to not only make pictures with them but I also hung out with them all evening for an amazing dinner at Gitane on Claud Lane in the city.  I was really struck by how sweet Barbara and Rod are together.  They’ve been married for ten years and they still behave like newlyweds.

It is always an honor to get to know awesome people like Barbara and Rod.

I love my job and it sure beats working!

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4 thoughts on “In Love on Baker Beach: Barbara & Rod”

  1. I love the pictures!! They all came out so beautiful! Rod and Barb are truely two of the most wonderful people to know!! I am so blessed to know them and have them apart of my and my familys life!!!

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