A Boy and his Mother

The reason that I choose to make photographs primarily of people is because I derive great joy from the interactions with all of the fabulous people I photograph.  My most recent shoot was with an adorable, dynamic little 2-year-old boy and his very lovely mother.

We had planned to shoot a full month earlier but the poor little guy did a face plant at daycare two days before the session so we pushed it out to this past weekend.  The evidence of his crash had nearly disappeared from his face by the day we shot.

When I arrived at their house, he was already wound up and ready to hit the park!  After chasing him around the neighborhood for several minutes we got him into the car and off we went.  He couldn’t wait!

Sometimes when I shoot with kids, I direct them.  There was none of that last weekend!  We let him run loose throughout the large park and I made these photos by doing my very best to stay in front of him so I could actually get photos of his face.  He was fast!

After an hour of chasing ducks and throwing rocks into the lake, Mommy remembered that she had bubbles in her purse so we had the distraction we needed to keep him in one place for a few minutes.  This gave me the opportunity to capture the beautiful interactions between mother and son.  Could these two be any cuter?

We had such a great time running and playing in the park that afternoon.  The weather was perfect.  It was partly cloudy and overcast so we didn’t have harsh shadows but we did have some blue sky to give some contrast to our backdrops.

Then, wouldn’t you know it, the poor little fellow did another face dive two hours into the shoot.  You see him below pondering whether or not he should cry.  Well, he didn’t.  He was ready for more.  However, Mommy and me were exhausted and we called it a day.

This is the greatest job in the world!

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