Classic Bridal Stylings

I had been kicking around the idea of doing a wedding shoot for the past several months. I wanted a lot from this shoot and I’m proud to say that the final outcome exceeded my expectations!

The actual wedding day is nearly always very rushed and affords the photographer little control over the location, time of day, wardrobe, hair or makeup.  So, getting portfolio worthy images isn’t a sure thing with any wedding.  For this reason, I wanted to work with several other professionals to create a gorgeous set of images of which we had complete creative control.  And that’s just what we did.

I had been wanting to work with Lana at Style by Lana for many months and this was finally my opportunity.  Her hair designs are exquisite and I knew that she’d make the brides look amazing.

Earlier this year, Lana and I tried to plan this shoot but the bridal gowns fell through and we had to cancel it.  But then I discovered Amy-Jo Tatum Bride and fell in love with her gowns.  Her classic designs are so sweet and elegant – I had to bring her into the project.  Her gowns were then a primary influence on the vision that took shape for the shoot.

My vision for this shoot was to create an intimate and demure mood that reflects my style of wedding portraiture.  I chose a beautiful location north of San Francisco in Marin county where I could create and old world feel among stone walls and brick pathways through intimate gardens.  It was the perfect setting.

Lana then introduced me to JuAn Li of Elite Stylist who came on as our Makeup Artist.   JuAn was awesome at creating the clean, yet glamorous look that I was after.  The bouquets were provided by Victoria’s Floral and Event Design – beautiful, yes?`

We were so fortunate to find our brides, Joy Mann and Rocio Flores.  Their sweet faces and demeanor were just what I was looking for and the dresses worked so well on them.  Our grooms, Curtis and Keith were excellent as well.  Many thanks for the models’ patience on a long day of shooting!

Finally, I want to thank all of my collaborators for your generous contributions and fabulous company!

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